5 Privileges Emiratis Enjoy in Dubai: Free Education, Healthcare, Housing, and More!

Emiratis in Dubai are provided with privileges like free education, access to free medical aids and free
residential places to stay in. Once they have pursued adequate education, the Dubai Government
encourages them to get jobs so that they can repay for the privileges given to them. This is not just a fact
about Dubai but is quite common in most countries across the world. But the thing with the UAE is that
outsiders can’t obtain the Emirati citizenship.

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1. Emirati Privileges: Access to Education, Healthcare, and Housing:

Emirati citizens in Dubai and the UAE enjoy several privileges provided by the government. These privileges include free education from primary to tertiary levels in public schools and universities. Access to free medical aids and healthcare services is also available to Emiratis through government funded healthcare programs. Additionally, the government provides subsidized or free residential accommodations to Emirati families, ensuring their basic needs are met.

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2. Encouragement for Employment and Repayment:

To maintain a sustainable system, the Dubai government encourages Emirati citizens to seek employment opportunities after completing their education. By actively participating in the workforce, Emiratis contribute to the economy and help sustain the privileges provided to them. This approach fosters a sense of responsibility and enables Emiratis to repay, in a way, for the benefits they have received from the government.

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3. Emirati Citizenship: A Unique Policy:

While Emiratis in Dubai and the UAE enjoy various privileges, the process of obtaining Emirati citizenship is strictly regulated. The UAE follows a policy that does not grant citizenship to foreigners, regardless of their length of residency or contributions to the country’s development. This policy aims to preserve the Emirati identity and culture, ensuring that the rights and privileges reserved for Emiratis
remain exclusive to them.

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4. Protecting Emirati Identity and Culture:

The UAE’s unique citizenship policy is rooted in the desire to preserve the Emirati identity, heritage, and cultural values. By safeguarding Emirati citizenship for its native population, the UAE aims to maintain a cohesive society with a strong sense of national identity and shared values. This approach helps ensure the continued development and preservation of the Emirati heritage.

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5. Contributions of Expatriate Community:

Dubai and the UAE have a diverse expatriate community that plays a crucial role in the country’s growth and development. These expatriates contribute to various sectors, including finance, healthcare, technology, and hospitality, driving economic prosperity and cultural exchange. While expatriates do not have access to Emirati citizenship and its associated privileges, they contribute to
the cosmopolitan fabric of Dubai and the UAE, enriching the society with their diverse backgrounds and skills.

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Personal Recommendation

Dubai and the UAE have implemented a system where Emirati citizens enjoy privileges such as free
education, healthcare, and housing, while also being encouraged to contribute to the country’s
development through employment. However, the UAE’s unique citizenship policy restricts the acquisition of
Emirati citizenship to native Emiratis, highlighting the country’s commitment to preserving its cultural
identity and heritage. The presence of a vibrant expatriate community further adds to the diversity and
growth of Dubai, showcasing the cosmopolitan nature of the city while respecting the exclusive privileges
granted to Emiratis.

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