6 Unique and Fascinating Features of Dubai: From Mosques to Record-Breaking Celebrations

Dubai is a city known for its unique and fascinating features. Here are some interesting facts that Dubai is
famous for:

white concrete building under blue sky

1. Over 2,000 Mosques:

Dubai is home to more than 2,000 mosques, with the number continuously growing. The largest mosques can accommodate thousands of worshippers, and Dubai’s tolerance allows for the practice of various religions.

white and brown concrete building under cloudy sky during daytime

2. Strict Alcohol Regulations:

Buying alcohol in Dubai can be challenging. To purchase alcoholic drinks from select places, you need a liquor license. However, ordering drinks at bars and restaurants within chain hotels doesn’t require a license.

woman in silver v neck long sleeved dress

3. Record-breaking New Year Celebrations:

Dubai’s New Year celebrations are known for breaking world records. The city holds records for the highest flame projection, the most flame projections launched at once, and the longest-running fireworks show, which lasted an impressive 35 minutes.

new year party supplies on table with women drinking champagne

4. Tallest Residential Building:

Dubai boasts the tallest residential building in the world. The Tallest Block in Dubai Marina features super high-rise structures, ranging from 600 ft. (183 m) to a towering
1,693 ft. (516 m) in height.

gray high rise buildings

5. Traditional Emirati Clothing:

Locals in Dubai often wear traditional Emirati clothing. Men don a white ankle-length shirt called a kandura, usually made from cotton or wool. Women wear a loose black over-garment robe called an abaya, serving both non-transparency and cultural symbolism purposes.

women in black hijab praying

6. Free-Trade Zones:

Dubai is home to more than 30 free-trade zones. These zones offer tax concessions and exemption from customs duties for businesses operating within designated industries. Foreigners can fully own companies registered in these free-trade zones.

harbor located near rippling sea water

Personal Recommendation

These facts showcase Dubai’s architectural achievements, cultural traditions, record-breaking
celebrations, and business-friendly environment. Dubai continues to captivate visitors with its blend of
modernity and cultural heritage.

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